Minecraft: Recreate Lesher to Scale

Project Overview:

Did you know that 1 Minecraft block is equal to 1 square meter?  Use that knowledge to recreate Lesher to scale!  Students will form teams and work together to fulfill different job "duties"  There will be landscape designers who work on the outside of Lesher, interior designers who are in charge of the classrooms, architects who make sure our dimensions are correct, digital safety engineers who create and enforce our community guidelines and even project managers who are in charge of the project.  This fun unit will culminate the Web 2.0 course!


Students will build the school on a local server controlled by Ms. Knips with no contact to the outside Minecraft world.



What criteria are being assessed:

Criterion C:  Demonstrate excellent technical skills

Lesher teacher room assignments

Helpful Links:



Aerial MAp



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