Internet Safety Poster

Project Overview:

This unit aims to help 7th graders be aware of the content they view and make appropriate decisions about what they post online.  We will explore topics such as digital citizenship, online reputation, cyperbullying, and staying safe on social media. Students will divide into teams and pick an Internet Safety of their choice.  From their research, a poster will be created to inform all students of school some helpful hints on how to stay safe online.



What criteria are being assessed:


Criterion A:  Presents the analysis of relevant research.

Criterion C:  Follows the plan to create the solution

Criterion D:  Evaluate the success of the solution




Pick an Internet Safety Topic

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Designing An Effective poster

CANVA online poster creator

Unit Checklist:


  • Pick an Internet Safety topic of your choice.  Open the design folder on Google Classroom and describe how that topic is important for middle school students to know about.

  • Research your topic using credible, online sources.  Find three facts/hints/tips for middle school students to stay safe online while when dealing with your topic (cyberbullying/social media safety/digital citizenship)

  • Put your research into an aesthetically pleasing poster using Canva . To make your poster look good, remember these tips:
      • Your headline should be creative, eye-catching, and BIG!
      • You should include text, but not entire paragraphs.  What's the big picture that students need to know?
      • Pictures/text should fit in with the topic and arranged so it's easy to see and read
      • Site your sources at the bottom (pictures and facts) by including the web address of where you got the information
      • More tips for poster design HERE

  • Save your poster as a .jpg file and insert it into Criterion C in your design folder.

  • Finally, reflect on your work in Criterion D of your design folder.






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