International Baccalaureate:




Assessment Practices:

I will be utilizing the IB MYP Design rubrics to assess your student on the four Design criteria listed below.


Criterion A: Inquiring and Analyzing

Criterion B: Developing Ideas

Criterion C: Creating the Solution

Criterion D: Evaluating


We will use the IB 0-8 scale to assess your student’s level of performance for each criterion.  The 0-8 scale does NOT convert mathematically to a percentage grade.  For example, a Level 4 is NOT equivalent to a 50%.


Each of the criteria has a specific rubric that I will use to determine your student’s level of achievement on the 0-8 scale.  Each rubric provides specific descriptors that allow students to know exactly (and in detail) what he/she can do.  Rubrics are posted this website and available through ParentVUE and StudentVUE.


Calculating Grades

Grades are NOT averaged in the IB system.  If a student performs poorly on an assignment, but then consistently achieves higher, the lower grade will not factor into the final grade at all.  Your student’s grade will be determined by using the most recent and consistent levels achieved on assignments. Your student will have several opportunities to show his/her achievement on the 4 criteria throughout the course.







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