Game Programming

Project Overview:

Yes!  You really are going to program a computer game!  Using drag and drop programming, you will create a game with butterflies and wasps flying around the screen.  The objective of the game is to click on the butterflies to get 10 points apiece.  After you click on one butterfly, another faster butterfly is created.  However, if you click on a wasp, you are STUNG and the game is over.  How many points can you get in 5 minutes of game play?!



What criteria are being assessed:

Criterion C:  Demonstrate excellent technical skills

Criterion D:  Describe how the solution could be improved

sprites and backgrounds

Helpful Links:



Pig Physics

Unit Checklist:


  • Download the design folder from Google Classroom

  • Open the "Pig Physics" video tutorial.  As Knips is speaking, make sure you are completing the same pieces on your own computer.  Press pause often so you can stay ahead!

  • All images and sounds for the game are located on Knips' public folder and on the link above

  •  After you have finished creating the game with the tutorial video, select "Save As" and name a second version of your game "YourName_GoofyGame"
      • For a level 7 - 8 on Criterion C, you must use an outside website resource to incorporate into your game.  For example, if you wanted to learn how to create a timer, you could go to Google or YouTube and find a tutorial on how to create a timer in Gamemaker.
      • For a level 5 - 6 on Criterion C, you can switch the sprites, change speeds of your characters, or rearrange the room layout.
      • For a level 3 - 4 on Criterion C, you would just need to complete the first tutorial video.
      • Check the rubric on your design folder for more details.

  • Save often!
  • After you have finished, complete Criterion D - Evaluating, in your design folder.  The more details in your writing, the higher the score!



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