Digital Photography

Project Overview:

Poudre School District utilizes a ‘school of choice’ policy which enable students to enroll in schools that are not in their neighborhood.  Lesher Middle School currently has around 40% of the school population that is there by “choice”.  Many forms of communication are used to inform the community of what Lesher has to offer and what experiences the current students are having.  One way we reach out to communicate is the Lesher website.  The picture on the top of the website is old and outdated.  New pictures for the website are needed to communicate what a great place Lesher is and why students want to come here.


Your task is to take three pictures that can be used for the top of the Lesher website.



What criteria are being assessed:


Criterion A: Explain and justify the need for a solution

Criterion C:  Demonstrate excellent technical skills

Criterion D:  Explain the impact of the solution on the target audience





Kodak Top 10 Tips



Unit Checklist:


  • Open the design folder from Google Classroom complete Criterion A - Inquiring and Analyzing

  • Take pictures around school - during Web 2.0, lunch, or on your own time - that represent LESHER!  Remember, pictures do not have to have a Lesher logo to represent the school!

  • If you took pictures on your cell phone or camera, download/email the pictures to yourself.  If you took pictures on Knips' cameras, she will have them available on her public folder

  • Use PicMonkey to edit your pictures!  Remember, we are using these pictures for Lesher's homepage!  You will need to crop the photos to a width of 640 pixels and a height of 340 pixels.

  • When choosing a photo, refer back to the photography presentation and the four main tips:  getting in close, taking photos at different angles, rule of thirds, and focusing on your subject (depth of field).  What picture best represents Lesher?

  • Utilize the picture editing tools at your discretion.  I recommend using 'auto adjust' on all pictures!

  • SAVE at least THREE edited pictures to your network folder

  • Insert your 3 edited pictures into your design folder under Criterion C - Creating the Solution

  • Fill out Criterion D - Evaluating.

  • Check the rubric in Google Classroom.  Highlight the level you think you are at for each criteria.

  • Proofread your design folder and then click 'Turn In'

  • Finished early?  Edit more pictures!  Try new editing sites!  I like Pixlr Express or BeFunky.



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