Data Analysis

Project Overview:

Data is EVERYWHERE!  You may think of data as just numbers, but it includes facts and statistics that are collected together for analysis.  You will look at current Lesher data to put into charts and graphs.  These charts and graphs will then be formatted into a poster using the online website Piktochart. The Lesher website will also be utilized to gather fun facts and history of Lesher Middle School.  In the end, you will have a great Lesher infographic!



What criteria are being assessed:


Criterion A:  Describe the main findings of relevant research

Criterion C:  Demonstrate excellent technical skills



Tips from the Experts

Helpful Links:

Unit Checklist:


  • Check out the Lesher Data Spreadsheet!  Take a few minutes to look at the data.  What did you notice first?  How is it organized?  Is it easy to understand?

  • Open Google Classroom and look at the design folder. Complete Criterion B- Developing Ideas.

  • Get Criterion B checked by Knips!  You will be assessed on having at least three pieces of data that are named and described.

  • Signup for a Piktochart account.  Click on the button that says "Sign in with Google".  You can use your PSD username and password to login.

  • Here are some tips when creating your infographic
      • Use descriptive titles
      • Remember Lesher's school colors
      • How is the data best described?  What graphic would work best?












Lesher's Data

How to Make Great charts for Infographics





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