SketchUp (tiny) House

Project Overview:

Join the Tiny House revolution by creating the plans for one in the 3D modeling program, SketchUp!  What is a tiny house?  It is a small house that exemplifies a simple lifestyle.  For this assignment, you are to create a fully functional house that is under 400 square feet.  Your furniture and accessories for your house must be drawn to scale.  Imagine that you would live full time in your house.  What rooms would you need?  You will be assessed on creativity, use of SketchUp tools, and sticking to the 400 square feet floor plan!



What criteria are being assessed:


Criterion B:  Develop a range of feasible design ideas

Criterion C:  Demonstrate excellent technical skills
Criterion D:  Evaluate the success of the solution



Knips' SKETCHP Tutorials

SketchUp Online Resources

Calculating Square Footage



Helpful Links:

Unit Checklist:


  • Open Google Classroom and download the design folder.  Complete Criterion B - Developing Ideas.  Make sure you include dimensions of each room, major features of each room and the total square footage.

  • Get Criterion B checked by Knips!  You will be assessed on how detailed your floorplan is, if it is under 400 square feet, adding major features for each room and how accurate your calculation of the square footage of the house.

  • Open SketchUp and start creating the bottom level floor plan.  Make sure it is drawn in the same scale as your design.  Click on the video HERE to create your floors and walls.

  • The rectangle and pencil tools are great for adding a 2nd floor and a roof.  Check out the Knips' SketchUp tutorials for more information.

  • On the last day of the project, you may download 2 items from the SketchUp 3D warehouse.














installing SketchUp on a school laptop




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