3D Design

Project Overview:

Can you think of a chore that you absolutely hate doing?  What if you had a robot that could do that chore for you?  In this project, you will develop a digital 3D model of that robot.  What types of accessories will your robot
need in order to perform that task?  How will it make your life easier? 

Bonus:  One robot from each class will be chosen to "come to life" by being 3D printed!



What criteria are being assessed:


Criterion B:  Develop a range of feasible design ideas

Criterion C:  Demonstrate excellent technical skills
Criterion D:  Evaluate the success of the solution




Knips' SKETCHP Tutorials


Helpful Links:

Unit Checklist:


  • Download the design folder and complete Criterion B - Developing Ideas from Google Classroom.

  • Get Criterion B checked by Knips!

  • Open SketchUp and start creating the body of the robot.  Make the body 3D with the push/pull tool.  You can use the square/circle/pencil tools to add arms, legs, and other "parts" for the robot.

  • After you finish with the basic figure of the robot, start adding in accessories.  What does your robot need to have in order to complete your task?

  • Check out the Knips' SketchUp tutorials above for more information.













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